Surrealism exhibition in Paris - an exciting event

Surrealism exhibition in Paris - an exciting event

Surrealism exhibition in Paris is a chance for you to explore some of the defining moments of an important movement. The 'Surrealism and Object' exhibition is currently taking place at the Georges Pompidou Center, and you'll be conveniently placed for this prestigious event with a room at the elegant Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent

Surrealism exhibition in Paris - discover an exciting time

From 1927 onwards the Surrealist movement was at its strongest in Paris. Its founding figures included French Communist Party members André Breton, Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard, Pierre Unik, Benjamin Peret, and this new phase of political awareness lead to exciting concepts in art. Marcel Duchamp has been widely hailed as the inventor of the Surrealist Object, and this thrilling exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Center is your chance to see some of his work for yourself alongside some of his famous contemporaries.Taking objects such as toys from his childhood, Hans Bellmer created his famous 'Doll' installation, a major moment in surreal art.

Everyday objects that are 'ready-made' lend themselves perfectly to the 'strangeness' that defines the genre. Picasso in turn, used objects from his studio to create works that will inspire you with their depth of artistic expression. Along with Man Ray, Bellmer and Pablo Picasso, Duchamp was responsible for some of the movements greatest works, and these masters are among the artists whose work you can see in 'Surrealism and Object'.

The stylish Residence & Spa Le Prince Regent is the perfect choice for this exciting surrealism exhibition in Paris.

The Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent  is a wonderful base from which to discover the major moments of a world changing movement at the 'Surrealism and Object' exhibition. Stylish rooms and suites are furnished with contemporary flair, the perfect complement to your trip. Relax after a day spent discovering the art of surrealism in our superb spa, or just enjoy the cool and calming atmosphere of the Prince Regent Hotel during your stay.

Picture copyright holder: Tourist Office Paris; Photographer Amélie Dupont; Architect: Renzo Piano et Richard Rohers